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Being a musician and attending Berklee College of Music, The Beatles are always the big discussion at school. “There will never be a band that changed music history like The Beatles,” says my Ear Training teacher says. Since I can remember, The Beatles have always been an influence on me and continue to be in my music. This band brought so much inspiration and gave music a different view of life. This essay will consist on how these musicians took control of America and the impact it gave to us. Their energy came across the screen and caused young girls to scream and their fathers to protest. The Beatles came to New York City on February 7,1964,less than three months after the assassination of J.F.K. In his book “The Beatles Come To America” Martin Goldsmith states that and the band brought with them a sound that hadn’t been heard before and helped rouse the country out of mourning. John Lennon wrote over 70 of the songs by himself, including A Hard Days Night, Let It Be, All You need is love, Come Together, and I Am the Walrus. An article published at states that Ed Sullivan, host of a popular television variety show, first encountered The Beatles in October of 1963 while traveling on a Pan Am flight from New York to London. Sullivan’s flight was delayed for two hours due to thousands of fans waiting for the arrival of the Beatles from their first European tour. Amazed at the chaos caused by a group that he had never heard of, Sullivan decided that he had to have them on his show. According to The BBC History of Popular Music. On Sunday, February 9, 1964,100 days after the delay at the airport, The Beatles made their live American debut on his T.V. show, and history was made. Lennon with The Beatles sang five songs All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There, and I Want To Hold

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