Robert Barton Case Study

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Do you consider Newton a problem employee or would you consider this a problem situation? Explain your response. In my opinion, Newton is considered both a problem employee as well as a problem situation. As a police officer, Newton, should have known that getting the swastika tattoo would create friction between him and some of the other officers. Additionally, the tattoo of the naked woman can be very offensive to other female officers. Him getting the tattoos to begin with make him a problem employee, but at the same time he is absolutely right in saying that he has the right to liberty and the right to freedom of expression and this is where the problem situation comes in. What type of disciplinary actions, if any, would you take against Newton? Taking disciplinary action against any officer is extremely difficult but unfortunately, it is a task that must be done at times. In this particular situation I am not sure that there is any action I would be able to take because there is currently no policy that prohibits the displaying of any tattoos. What I would do is have a sit down with Newton and explain to him the effect it is having on our fellow officers and the potential affect it may have on him if they stick to their word and refuse to respond to any calls for service with him. But at the same time I would remind the other staff members of the consequences they face if they do not support a fellow officer. Their personal opinions of someone should be kept outside of work. No matter what they feel about anyone they are obligated to fulfill the duties of their job at all times regardless of who they are helping or protecting. What potential issues or ramifications should you be aware of when considering disciplinary actions? When considering disciplinary actions the possible issues or ramifications are lawsuits or discrimination allegations filed with

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