Bob Knowlton Case

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The Bob Knowlton case is about a photon unit project head, Bob Knowlton, who worked for the Simmons Laboratories and the addition of a brilliant scientist, Simon Fester, and his integration into the team. The main character, Knowlton, was predominantly concerned with his own thoughts, his advancement, and his feelings rather than with external things which made him an introvert. He did not discuss his opinions, feelings, and conflicts with his teammates; instead he acted as if things did not bother him. Knowlton did not exercise authority and control when the unity in the team was disturbed, so he questioned his self-confidence and what his capabilities were. Furthermore, his communication skills and effective leadership skills were poor for a project head. Prior to Fester arriving Knowlton was made sure he was the one who stayed the latest and was happy that his hard work was paying off. Fester, the other main character, was a very brilliant workaholic who didn’t integrate well into the team. He was not afraid to expose his knowledge, and prove that he was very confident about himself and his ideas. Fester was very aggressive in his approach to solve problems; he was willing to do whatever it took to make his point. He didn’t cater to the expression of the other team members, which made others in the team think of him as an individualist and not a team player. Dr. Jerrold, the project head, brought Knowlton and Fester together after he thought he had Knowlton’s support. Bob Knowlton’s problem was his communication skills because he was not able to acknowledge his opinions, feelings, and conflicts with Fester, Jerrold, and his teammates. One could tell Fester’s presence changed this because before Fester joined the team; Knowlton often shared his feelings with Jerrold because they had an open relationship. One example of their open relationship before Fester
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