Conflict Interest Advice Agency Policy 2008

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[ORGANISATION] CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICY It is the Policy of [ORGANISATION] to ensure that: • It is recognised that people who work for [ORGANISATION] may have interests external to [ORGANISATION]. Where these differing interests could clash, people who work for [ORGANISATION] act and are seen to act impartially and with full accountability. • All staff and volunteers are aware of and understand this Policy and their obligations where conflicts of interests arise. PROCEDURES These procedures examine how [Organisation] ensures that conflict of interest can be identified and dealt with. Circumstances in which conflicts of interest may occur are: 1. Where both parties to a dispute approach [Organisation] for information or advice – See 1 to 6 2. Where a worker or Director is a party to the dispute that the client is seeking advice about – See 1 to 6 3. Where the client asks for information or advice about choosing a product or service that [Organisation] sells as part of its trading activities. See 7 to 9 4. Where a client wishes to complain about [Organisation], one of its services or workers – see 7 to 9 5. Where a client presents information that the worker or volunteer knows to be false – See 10 6. Where a legal issue arises where potential action could be taken against [Organisation] – See 11 1. Policy – two parties to a dispute [Organisation] cannot offer advice to both parties as it cannot act in the best interest of both clients and its impartiality could be questioned. It may offer preliminary information to any caller on first contact with the service but should not knowingly offer advice to the second party in any dispute once the first party has consulted it. Similarly, it cannot advise a party in dispute with someone who is part of [Organisation] staff or Board of Directors. 2. Procedure to avoid

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