Risk Assessment In Health And Social Care Essay

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Write a report that assesses the hazards identified in the children’s nursery used during the risk assessment as a health and social care setting. Risk assessment is important for any setting because it makes sure the setting is safe for children, staff and parents, it is an Early Years Foundation Stage Welfare requirement and also is good practice. A risk assessment identifies a hazard which might cause harm, it makes sure that the risk attached to it is acceptable and lastly putting appropriate control measures in place if the risk is not acceptable. A hazard is defined as anything that has the potential to cause harm. A hazard may be a substance, a piece of equipment or a work procedure or, in the childcare sector, a child’s condition. Risk is defined as the chance or likelihood that harm will occur from the hazard. The likelihood is described as ‘the expectancy of harm occurring’. It can range from ‘never’ to ‘certain’ and depends on a number of factors. Unlocked doors Likelihood = 3 this is a 2 in 4 (50 per cent) chance that it may occur, entry/exit gates may be left open which will allow children to escape. So in order to prevent an incident such as this from happening, the outside gates should be locked and constant…show more content…
In a nursery it is necessary for children to have toys to play with in order to keep them occupied but when it comes to tidying and placing these toys back they may refuse to listen. Staff may be occupied in order trying to tidy the nursery and may come across a toy lying on the floor causing them to trip, slip and fall. This is harmful towards the staff of members at the nursery and other children. Food however, when children are given something to eat they are most likely to be messy eaters; crumbs may fall onto the floor. This may tempt other children to pick it up and place it into their

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