Child Safety Toys

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CHOOSING AGE APPROPRIATE TOYS When choosing developmentally appropriate toys for children, there are many things that must be considered. Safety is the main concern and all toys should be checked to make sure they are well made. No toy should have sharp parts or pieces that could lead to splintering or pinching. They should be shatter proof and easy to clean, also if they are painted, they must be non-toxic and lead free. All caregivers and parents should remain up to date on any possible toy hazard recalls and can find this information listed on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website. As all toddlers and even preschoolers put toys in their mouths, choosing toys requires a lot of testing for choking and suffocation hazards. The toy needs to be checked for small parts or pieces that may come loose and present a choking hazard. One way to test is to drop small parts through a paper towel tube, if it fits, the toys is too dangerous and should be removed from the play area. Typical wear and tear can also result in a toy that was once deemed sage to become a danger. Caregivers should maintain a frequent check of toys to ensure their continued safety. Caregivers and parents should also be aware of the violence that some toys may present. Violent toys are not developmentally appropriate or safe for children. Toys that include swords or guns should not be available to young children. Electric toys should be UL Approved. Toys that have cords, string, loops or ribbons should also be avoided for young children as they can become entangled and strangled. As caregivers, it is our job to ensure the safety of children, not only during our play with them, but also in the toys we give
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