Developmentally Appropriate Toys

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Play is a vital element in the development of children; an element which adults, teachers and caregivers should always consider (penn foster book, pg. 183). How can legos, puzzles, toy cars, games and sidewalk chalk be an important influence in the development of young children? Such common toys aid children in play and guide children in learning and mastering imperative skills. It’s crucial that toys for children are selected with safety and developmental appropriateness guidelines in mind. This will allow children to reap the full benefits of the toys they use. According to the NAEYC’s website, “safe toys for young children are well-made (with no shared parts or splinters and do not pinch), painted with nontoxic, lead-free paint, shatter-proof and easily cleaned (nayec citation). Adults buying toys should read about contents, descriptions and warnings carefully. Bear in mind to dispose of wrappers and boxes toys are packaged in. They toy inside of the wrapper can be safe, however, a wrapper can easily suffocate a baby. Children should always be supervised when playing with certain toys (small parts, heavy toys, toys with rollers) that can be use improperly and cause harm. The durability and material of a toy should always be considered. Safe toys can break down over time and become hazardous to young children. Material should also be considered because certain toys can catch fire easier than others. It’s best to select toys that are flame retardant. If toys are made out of cloth or fabric, they should be washable. This will help to eliminate the spread of germs. Electronic toys need to be carefully looked into because batteries inside of these toys can cause safety issues. Adults and teachers can also ask friends and research consumer reviews on toys in order to get a broader opinion of the safety of a particular toy. All children in

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