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YP Core 34-1.1 Describe the factors to take into account when planning H&S indoors and outdoors environments and settings. Indoor Environments. It should be comfortable,interesting attractive and age appropriate for any child who use it. Every child is important and are individual especially if they have special needs. Whether working with babies or 3-4 yr old some layouts will be similar but the age and abilities of the children is important so therefore the different resources and equipment should be age appropriate and carry the usual safety markings, there should also be equipment and resources for children who may have special needs. Each child needs to feel safe in there surroundings, if they feel insecure it can impair their abilities to thrive and grow and learn especially if they have certain needs ie sensory impairment,allergies to foods, some allergies are so severe some children cannot even touch certain foods so when planning activities it is important to consider all health conditions and special needs for example hearing impairments,visual aids,etc etc. I feel is is important to place visual pictures and signs in areas that are vitally important to the health and safety of the children,like placing pictures of hands washing around toilet areas,sink areas were creative or messy play may be involved,pictures of walking not running when indoors, quiet voices, be kind children learn a lot from visual pictures rather than being told continuously to stop running, no shouting,they look at these pictures and are able say what it is they see by looking at each individual picture. Ratio is also important for instant one adult per 4 children or two adults per eight especially at meal times were one adult can supervise the children and one can help clear the tables. It also important for the floor areas to be clear from objects that can cause harm to

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