Child Protection Case Study

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Child protection Case Study-Assignment 2 Introduction & Aim Any child can be at any time a victim of an abuse or neglect. We have the responsability to protect children and give them adequate support if they are the subject of an abuse. A child who is a victim of an abuse or neglect can suffer significant harm and his future life and his/her behavior as an adult can be seriosly affected. Abuse effects: anxiety, attention problems, agressive behavior, bed wetting, behavior problems, chronic pain, eating disorders, fear or shyness, fear of ceartain adults or places, insomnia, learning problems, panic attaks, physical symptoms (headakes or stomach akes), social withdrawal, etc. A child can be subject of an one case of abuse or to frequent abuse. It’s been researched that the age when a child is being abused make different in the child’s future behavior which can have extreme efects in the future. The impact of abuse is much greater for a child abused in his early years than for a teenager. It doesn’t mean that any of the case is less important. The relationship of the person who commited the abuse also affects the child’s future. If the abuser is a stranger the impact that they can cause to the child would be less severe than if the abuser is a closer relative. Many reasons can stay in the background of an child abuse case, such as: * A family crisis * Parental depression or mental illness * Parental physical illness * Extreme overprotection of child * Parents using alcohol or drugs * An adult was abused as a child * Child with special needs * Being a stepparent * Family stress due to job loss or financial problems * Family stress due to separation or divorce Identifing the reasons of abuse is important in order to know how to support the family, what need to be done

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