Riding on the Open Road

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Riding a Harley davidson motorcycle down an open highway can be quite a liberating experience, unlike driving in typical enclosed automobiles. Everything that is felt is enhanced. The rider's sense of smells, sights, and feelings are stimulated to such an extreme that even the familiar seems strange. The smells surround the rider like a gentle mist of aromas. Everything that passes by tickles the sinuses. The smell of lilies, daisy, trees, and fields of grass are euphoric. While riding on a motorcycle, there are no windows to hide behind to retreat from the smell of a smelly cattle lot, an angry skunk or the odor of fresh road kill. Perhaps the only downfall to enjoying these smells is not being able to block out the gross odors that aggravate the otherwise harmonious experience. The only option is to drive as fast as possible to escape to fresh air again. The horizon goes on forever. No boundaries of frames to block the view to lessen the experience. The many shades of blue seep into the sky like a spilled bottle of ink. The trees are as green as can be, and their branches dance in the wind. The scenery becomes part of the rider and the rider part of the scenery. This creates an overwhelming sense of freedom. The fresh air is free to be greedily absorbed, while soaking up the sunlight. The air is thick and has a consistency of its own. Its touch is evident. Every bump in the road revels itself with an unmatched authority, and every winding turn pushes the earth on its side. The ride down the highway once was done as a form of transportation, but while on a motorcycle, it becomes an experience out of the ordinary. While on the open road, the rider gains the ability to smell each individual form of nature. The rider has limitless vision on the world that surrounds her. The feelings of freedoms that the road offers are just as life was meant to be. There

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