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Descriptive Sketch The way grass naturally flows and moves when the wind is blowing on prairie land is beautiful. The smell of grass, or even nature in general, is delightful. It seems equivalent to a fresh batch of homemade cookies has just been taken out of the oven to cool off, or you’re inside a restaurant waiting to receive your food, and you can smell it being cooked. To me, that is how nature smells. Its bright green simplicity is the basic foundation to all of nature. When the small rabbits and doe frolic through the gorgeous green locks of the plain, that itself is beauty. Even the simplest little dandelion growing from the ground surrounded by the charming grass, or the newly growing flowers bursting with colorful life is true beauty in nature. To some, these things may not strike them as ‘beautiful,’ but to me, it’s the most delightful thing on this planet. I feel that the sun takes its energy and just injects it into the grass, and from there it explodes in the form of beauty as that grass develops and matures. As that magnificent grass flows in the breeze, it’s like a beautiful Nobile steed carrying a graceful princess while running on a track made of gold, and as that horse begins to approach the enchanted castle surrounded by the exquisite grass, it seems as if all life has paused and is focused on the beauty in nature and all other forms of life. The grandeur of the scene is owed to a single blade of

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