Car Safety - Brakes

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Introduction: While seatbelts, airbags and brakes do occasionally contribute to serious injury or death, nearly all safety experts agree that all these dramatically increase your chances of surviving an accident. You will find the explanations of these questions in depth and including examples of the real world in Bangladesh. There are also some facts and data about the effectiveness of the safety devices that were used for cars in the past. In this essay, you will find the answers to the following questions:  How do seatbelts/air bags/ or brakes work and how does crash testing work?  Can smart cards predict crashes?  In the near future can cars be death proof?  What are crumple zones and how do they work?  How does the occupant classification system work?  What are the safety concerns about seat belts/ air bags/ brakes? I have included the fundamentals of a car that would be created in the time of 2009-2010, and compare with past car designs probably from the year 1996 to 2005. I have compared traffic rules from other countries with Bangladesh, which also may be the cause of car crashes but it does not hold relevance to the safety issues that I have mentioned but it is included for further knowledge. Many mechanics and engineers have stated that safety measures in certain new models of the cars are 100% effective. This is something we can debate over but I have also included the thoughts of people towards that statement, whether they agree with it or not. I have also included the fact on how the new safety features of cars have changed our lives to this day. Driving safely: To this day, drivers around the world assume that the skills they already have will enable them to leading a successful driving life, even those with rare experience such as driving in snow or fog. I have been to many different countries, and the one thing that I have observed

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