Rhetorical Triangle Response

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Rhetorical Triangle Response The Rhetorical Triangle was something I had never heard of before. Now that I have read and researched the Rhetorical Triangle, I believe that it makes sense and is a valuable resource when writing papers. It is very reasonable that you need a sense of balance between the components your paper. The balance helps the paper be better understood and allows the audience to realize there is more than one angle to a situation if the balance of pathos, ethos and logos is done correctly. Also, the Rhetorical Triangle is a very useful tool while writing. The Rhetorical Triangle allows you to check on yourself and make sure you are still appealing to the audience and allows you to see if your argument is reasonable and reliable. The Rhetorical Triangle also helps when the paper shows multiple viewpoints, because you can incorporate emotions, beliefs and persuasion to get the point of the paper across to the audience. When writing a paper, you want the paper to appeal to the audience which is a very important element in writing. Logos appeal to reason, pathos appeal to emotions, and ethos appeal to the writer’s character. With these components you should balance them or make your paper appeal to all three in the same amount of content. With logos it is about how well you argue your point. You want the audience to understand why you feel the way you feel by using logical points, statistics and facts. With pathos it is about emotions, beliefs and values. A writer would use pathos when they are trying to persuade the reader to agree with the writer on whatever topic the writer happens to be talking about. It can be seen as the role of the audience in the argument. With ethos it is how credible their argument is. It can be seen as the role of the writer in the argument and how the writer would use their reputation to appeal to the audience.

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