Revamped Juvenile System

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Revamped Juvenile system Victoria Brothwell CRJ 180 Dr. Tamia Herndon Introduction In many ways we have problems and flaws with the justice system. The flaws are as follows, lack of immediate discipline; courts feeling bad for the youth, too many chances where they are not deserved and the fear of applying parental discipline. I am going to outline how I believe the Juvenile Justice system should be revamped. Also I will mention the challenges that we face now and what may be faced in the future in the plan I have constructed. I will explain why I believe my ways of revamping the Justice system will help and possibly drop the levels of crimes committed by the youth. Immediate Discipline I believe that there needs to be a sterner court system for the juveniles. I have noticed and seen many times something such as theft is just looked at as a petty crime. In the long run the juveniles need to be disciplined for anything that may seem petty because those petty crimes can become bigger and worse crimes. Without immediate discipline we are giving the impression that if they commit a crime only once they can continue to commit other crimes as well because, hey, they will just receive a slap on the wrist if they have never committed it before. For example: A twelve year old goes into Wal-mart and steals makeup. Well it may have only been maybe a three dollar lipstick, so when the police get called the youth is let go on a warning because it was nothing big. That twelve yr old now has it in their mind, “ Well, I got away with this crime so why don’t I go break into a house and commit a burglary, and I will get away with it because it is not really just theft.” Now because they did not get punished for the petty three dollar lipstick, the Justice system is going to have to deal with something bigger, when this could have been taken care of

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