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The Problem with Kids in Adult Prisons Anthony Brown CJ490-06: Research Methods in Criminal Justice Jerry Lulejian The Equal Justice Initiative has an article on children being incarcerated in prisons with adults. The article discussed the number of children sentenced as adults and sent to prisons that housed adults. It also discussed the conditions in which the children were faced with: such as, abuse, neglect, domestic and community violence. The article goes on to explain the possible outcomes and effects that are placed on these kids from a mental standpoint and socially upon release from the institution. The problem that the article suggests is that this is a societal issue that demands attention instead of continuing to place…show more content…
The article focuses on the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Act of 1974 which focused on remaking barbaric juvenile systems. The article went on to explain how this agreement has taken a setback and needed to be revisited. It speaks of larger numbers of juveniles being sent to adult jails where are subject to conditions such as rape, being battered and conditions so bad that they may contemplate suicide. I was surprised to see that as many as 40 states regard children as young as 14 years of age competent enough to stand trial in an adult court. The article expounds on some key statistics that suggest that young people are 36 more times to commit suicide in an adult prison than a juvenile facility. It also speaks to the outcome of young people who survive an adult facility. They return to society as damaged and dangerous people and are more likely to commit violent crimes and add to the recidivism rate. This article reinforces my opinion and advocates my stance on children in jails with adults. A quote from the article that puts it in perspective says, “The rush to criminalize children has set the country on a dangerous path. Congress must now shape the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act so that it provides the states with the money and expertise they need to develop more enlightened juvenile justice policies. For starters, it should rewrite the law to prohibit the confinement of children in adult jails.” I like this article because it makes a great case for why the confinement of children with adults is not good for the children or society. We may need another solution to the problem of delinquency, but it should not be motivated by emotions and senseless decisions that will eventually result in society having a bigger problem on its hands

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