Juveniles Tried as Adults Essay

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Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults? The article “Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults” by Terry A. Maroney describes the relation of teens and the criminal system. She believes that teens are not adults and that they do not have the mentality or righteousness as an adult. Saying a child or teen is an adult does not make them one. She continues on to say that it is proven that teens are more likely to be influenced by peer pressure. She also says that teen that are tried as adults and then released commit more crimes than those that are tried in juvenile courts. She also recalls a story of which a teen was sent to a prison for being tried as an adult and her family was ruined. She was mentally unstable and her family was falling apart after jail time. Most teens when they grow up, are easily influenced. I believe that there should be a juvenile system specifically for teens no matter what incident. Once you make a teen experience a adult like experience in jail or court, it will be mentally embedded into their minds for a long time. Like on this show, parents send their kids to a real prison for them to experience it. We should have a a program like that just for juveniles instead of trying them as adults. Teens still deserve a second chance for they are still developing. Works Cited Maroney, Terry. "Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults? ." http://law.vanderbilt.edu. N.p., 08, January 2007. Web. 5 Oct

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