Juvenile Justice System Essay

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Juveniles and the Justice System: -many offenders that are arrested are juveniles(person defined being under the age 18-minor) -juvenile deliquency(defined as behavior by a juvenile in violation of the juvenile or criminal codes) origins of juvenile crime: back even before the 19th century there has been juvenile offenders...young adolescents being disobedient..people who wanted to save the youth from becoming hardened adult criminals are called child savers...to help save them through intervention. the New York House of Refuge which opened in 1825 was one of the earliest places designed and provided to save children from commiting crimes. Creation of the Juvenile System: the 1st juvenile court in the US was established in Cook county(Chicago…show more content…
2% of all persons executed. Roper vs. Simmons ruled that the death penalty for juveniles is a disporcinate punishment for offenders under the age 18 anf therefore a violation of the 8th amendment against cruel and unuasual punishment...now has come to an end. Approximately 60% of juvenile offenders return to prison within 3 years after their release. Assignment: I think in some cases depending on how serious the crime was or other circumstances then juveniles should be granted right to a jury trial and be treated similar to how adult offenders would be treated in the justice system. I think in some ways its and advantage because it will help place habitual or serious offenders out of the community and into some other placement to get treatment. i think it can become a problem or have disadvantages like when it discussed how juveniles were executed and put to the death penalty for their crimes and I'd have to agree with it being against the 8th amendment on unuasl and cruel

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