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RESPIRATOR USE TRAINING Respirators are designed to protect personnel from inhaling harmful gases and vapors. Air purifier respirators are made of filters and cartridges. Dust, fumes and vapours and toxic gases are dangerous and injurious to our health. As employees and contractors working within this facility we are face with these challenges on daily bases depending on the nature and type of work executed within the process area. The effect of these carbon irritant on our health can range from minor irritants to respiratory illness to death. Therefore it is important that we outfit ourselves with the appropriate respirator depending on the type of work done. Whether it is a simple dust mask, half face mask or even full face mask respirators, these handing protective devices will keep us safe and prevent inhalation of hazardous substances. Types of Respirator a. Dust mask. b. Half face respirator c. Full face respirator d. Emergency respirator with exhale valve e. Emergency escape mouth bit respirator Parts of Respirator a. Face piece. b. Filters c. Cartridges d. Straps for hookup Safety Considerations when Using Respirator * Check for any loose straps. * Ensure that the filters are in place. * Check to ensure that the cartridges are properly fitted. * Ensure you have clean shelves. * Avoid sharing respirators. * Keep respirators away from chemical contact when not in use. * Perform fit check to ensure the integrity of the respirator used. * Replace cartridges when the integrity is in doubt that is when started perceiving odors. * Clean the respirators using appropriate cleaning agent e.g. Sanitizers. Warning Do not enter any atmosphere with respirator unless you know * You have read and understood and followed all instructions and warnings patterning to the respirator. * The

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