Unit 208: Infection Control

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Tracey dean 5/6/2015 Unit 208 E Infection control There are many routes by which infection can enter our bodies, lets take a look at some examples. Air pollution urine and faeces Blood Saliva mucus membrane that lines the mouth or nose. Provides a route to infection to enter. Skin damage an open wound. Down the respirator tract into the lungs. Coughs,cold and other common air Bourne infections. How can our own health or personnel hygiene put others at risk in the work place. Good personal hygiene is one of the most effective ways to protect ourselves, and others, from illness. This means washing hands, being carefully not to cough or sneeze on others, cleaning things that you touch if you are unwell…show more content…
Blue aprons are the same as the white ones. We use the blue aprons when entering the bathrooms, when cleaning faeces or bodily fluids, again they help prevent the spread of infections. Gloves,these are worn at all times when dealing with an individual or handling food . Hair nets are simply a net that goes onto your head ,and keeps any loose hair in the net. The cook wears a hair net to avoid any hair going into the food. Hard hats are simply what they say, they are hats worn on a building site ext these are to prevent a head injury if a brick was to fall on them the hard hat would protect the individuals opposed to him not wearing one the injury would be fatal. So you see these protective equipment is vital in the work place and if we do not use these you are putting yourself at risk and others. Environmental Safety Here is an outline of how to prevent and what to do in the event of. FIRE – To prevent a fire we need to have a no smocking policy and signs around the
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