Monitor a Safe Workplace Essay

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BSB0hs407A Monitor a Safe workplace Scenario Assessment Part 1: Identify the hazards from the situations below and using the hierarchy of control, how would you minimise the risk? A: Climbing a ladder to change a light bulb located in a wall fixture 4 meters from the floor 1. Eliminate Risk | Get a contractor to do work | 2. Substitute | N/A | 3. Engineer | Use a harness, skilled worker | 4. Administrative | Use long life globes | 5. Use PPE | N/A | B: Preparing a metal cleansing solution using caustic chemical ingredients 1. Eliminate Risk | Outsource to a qualified company | 2. Substitute | Use an alternative product that is less hazardous | 3. Engineer | Install appropriate exhaust ventilation that may remove fumes and only allow trained staff to do this job | 4. Administration | Have procedures about how to do the job safely and restrict access to hazardous areas | 5. Use PPE | Provide goggles, gloves, eye masks | C: Stacking shelves with products requiring repetitive lifting and bending 1. Eliminate Risk | Automate the process to remove manual handling | 2. Substitute | Have items at waste level, or on lower shelves | 3. Engineer | Provide a platform that raises and lowers the goods and workers | 4. Administrative | Rotate workers or have 2 people working at the same time, job rotation | 5. Use PPE | Provide safety harness, back brace, steel capped boots | D: Storing turpentine and other flammable solvents in a shed 1. Eliminate Risk | Store the solvents off site | 2. Substitute | Try and use different chemicals if possible | 3. Engineer | Limit access to the chemicals. Make sure shed is locked. Give access to a limited number of trained employees | 4. Administrative | Train employees and make sure they have relevant certificates and requirements | 5. Use PPE | Supply safety procedures and
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