Research Proposal on Drug Trafficking in the Us

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Research Proposal on Drug Trafficking in the US Ashford University English Composition II 12 November 2012 Topic: Complete Eradication of Drug Trafficking in the US The wide scope of this paper and the core nature of the problem for this research proposal is the Drug trafficking in the United States and most specifically the eradication of the vice in the United States. This topic was chosen so as to correspond this study with the National Drug control strategy that is annually developed by the president. This paper will narrow the specific claim to the fact that the United States has been able to deal with this issue a great deal to some extent but this has led to the new problem of poverty and addicts who are unable to access the drugs (, 2011). The claim if further investigated leads to the findings that if the United Sates was to set a resolve that is focused on legalizing some of the drugs, crimes related to drugs including the trafficking would go down considerably. The famous phrase that the forbidden fruit is sweetest is very common and very actual thus if some of the drugs were to be legalized this would greatly help in alleviating the widespread use of drugs and the crimes related to drugs altogether (National Drug Control Strategy, 2011). Justification as to why this study should be conducted is the fact that the eradication of drug trafficking in the United States will help solve a multidimensional problem. The problem of drug trafficking has very many faces such as the fact that addiction leads to decreased productivity from the individuals, disruption of education for some of the addicts, loss of jobs and long term effect on the economy (Joe, 2006). Increased risk, predisposal to diseases and the overall neglect of social

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