Deviancy and Drug Usage

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Deviancy and drug use go hand in hand. In fact, many consider drugs to be one of the main gateways to some of the worst kinds of deviant behavior, aside from the actual usage of drugs. When I say drugs, I’m talking not only prescription, but synthetic drugs as well, which have now become an apparent issue in smaller towns as opposed to big cities. The key link between drug usage and deviancy is mainly based off of one’s personal perception of what they deem “deviant” and what the user deems “deviant.” But the most deviant factor of all is the fact that is these drugs become so widespread in such a small area, that you have an abundance of negative potential just waiting to go off like a time-bomb. The big problem as of lately with drug usage and small towns, is that the drugs are cheap to boost profit, meaning that the lower price may have a consequence of a more harmful substance, due to certain products being cut with cheaper, more harmful chemicals. In fact, the spread of cheaper drugs in such a small area causes problems not only for the locals, but for the law enforcement as well. When a small town or county has a sudden up rise in drug related incidents, the local jail cells begin to fill up quicker, while the product being sold also increases and spreads at rapid rates. Prescription drugs in particular are the leading cause of overdose deaths in Larimer County alone, and at least 29 Larimer Residents died from overdose alone in just the last year, among 350 statewide overdoses following into 2014. (Hughes, Trevor, “A deadly habit”, Coloradoan Jan 18, 2014

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