Sos 304 Drug Abuse Essay

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SOS 304 Drugs & Society Q3.1 The major causes for concern regarding cocaine use stems from the dependency that occurs as well as the damaging effect it can have on human health. Although cocaine was initially used for medicinal purposes, with its leaves being cultivated to produce paste, teas, and wines, those uses have long disappeared. Individuals who use cocaine on a regular basis are at risk for respiratory or cardiac issues, and mixing the drug with other drugs and alcohol can damage health and lead to fatalities. Drug users often have healthcare issues and require treatment for more than one ailment, even though they can be less than forthcoming when it comes to medical treatment and advice. Amphetamines are used to treat a variety of medical issues but like cocaine, illicit drug use in the 60s caused the federal government to become concerned about dependency and illegal activities. Prolonged uses of the drug can cause psychotic behavior, depressed moods and dependency can develop. Cocaine and amphetamines both interact with neurotransmitters and higher doses of each both alters…show more content…
In reference to drugs, that would mean we as US citizens would have a legal right to buy, use, sell, and outright possess a certain amount of an illicit drug without penalty. Being that cocaine is addictive and destructive in large and repeated doses, I am against legalizing cocaine. The increased levels of ruthless behavior, overdoses, drug wars, and overall decline in the neighborhood across the country would be devastating. The inner cities would suffer an even greater decline in despair and hopelessness due to the streets being overly infested with open drug dealing. Although illegal activities occur on a daily basis, I think if cocaine was legal, people would be dying in the streets. Seeing that would be enough to cause people to have psychological

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