Republican National Convention: Ann Romney

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Republican National Convention: Ann Romney After four years of Barack Obama in office, it is time to reelect our new president. Obama and Mitt Romney go face to face in the battle of hopes of becoming the leader of America. The wives of both candidates, Michelle Obama and Ann Romney, stood up to the platform at National Conventions and proclaim to Americans why their husbands deserve the title of president. Ann Romney introduced America to the man she knows better than anyone else, Mitt Romney, at the Republican National Convention. Ann Romney emotionally addresses to all women about the man he was before politics by grasping the audience’s attention with the word “love”. Ann Romney then advances to how Mitt Romney deserves to be president…show more content…
Women, particularly working mothers, still wonder if they can provide the best for their kids especially in this economy. Ann Romney respectfully salutes and praises those women. However, she doesn’t know what is it like to be in their shoes because of her wealth. Both Ann and Mitt Romney were born into a rich family. Like the average American family, they did not come across problems financially while growing up. The Romney’s can only relate to the wealthy families of America and not to those middle-class or poor families. Therefore, the improvements Mitt Romney will make if he becomes president will only satisfy the…show more content…
Romney will have to capability to pull the country together into a better place because of his wholesome love for America. Together, their love will propose reasons to unite Americans as one. One thing that unites citizens and what holds America as a family is love. Love will always bring “our greatest joy when times are good.” Mitt Romney has made a commitment that no matter what he will keep and increase the love and unity between Americas. The love between the Romney’s unites them as one family. After all, their love is much more than a storybook marriage; it is a real marriage that includes “chapters called Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and breast

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