Analysis of Speeches at the National Democratic Convention

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Analysis of Speeches at the National Democratic Convention There were many speakers at the National Democratic Convention, but the key speakers promoting Barack Obama’s campaign were Michelle Obama, Edward Kennedy, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Barack Obama himself. The speeches were full of political discourse promoting change, and the values of the American worker. Joe Biden and Barack Obama did criticize the current administration and the opposing candidate, while promoting their campaign as change for the American people. Michelle Obama, Barack Obama’s wife, gave her speech at the Democratic National Convention. She captured everyone’s attention by talking about her story, the American dream, and used words like “faith” and “the world as it is and the world as it should be” to give hope of a better life to all Americans. Her speech was very personal and because of that she achieved to get the message across to everyone present. In her speech Michelle Obama mentions the American Dream, and hard work to achieve it. Her speech is full of political discourse to promote Barack’s campaign through equality of opportunities and the working class. She achieves this by mentioning her story and Barack’s, how their families were low-income blue-collared workers. Joe Biden, Senator of Delaware, made a speech accepting the vice-presidency if Barack Obama is elected President, at the convention as well. The focus of the political discourse in this speech is strongly bound to support Obama’s campaign by emphasizing their middle class working roots and he especially criticizes Bush’s administration and attacks the way John McCain is directing his politics towards the presidency of this country. Joe Biden uses different phrases that are repeated throughout the speech, such as “that’s not change; that’s more of the same” or “That’s the change we need” to underline

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