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Rhetorical analysis for “A Whisper of AIDS” speech AIDS is known as one of the worldwide diseases that has affected millions of people. During the mid-1990’s, a common image for AIDS was gay man and drug users. However, Mary Fisher, white, heterosexual, middle class women was infected by AIDS virus. On August 19th 1992, in Houston TX, Mary Fisher stood in front of crowd during the 1992 Republican National Convention and delivered a message to the audience: “If you believe you are safe, you are in danger.” She brought up the issue up on the table when many other thought the disease should be blanketed by shame, ignorance, and discrimination. Fisher drew her audience’s attention by pointing out herself as a living sample of HIV positive. Like a lot of the audience in that room, she came from a wealthy family, and she was mother of two children. Fisher used rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos in the speech to persuade her audience in the situation. Even before Fisher spoke, just who she was brought her a huge amount of credibility. The Republican Party brought her up on the stage on purpose, because Mary Fisher was a perfect example of a “safe” person to speak about AIDS. It may not be surprise in present day; however, in 1990’s, Fisher shocked people as a middle class white mother from a reputable family who was HIV-positive. “Tonight, I represent an AIDS community whose members have been reluctantly drafted from every segment of American society.” At the moment she started speaking, her voice filled with her spirit of confident. Fisher stood at a position, “I want my children to know that their mother was not a victim. She was a messenger.” She didn’t only say she was a messenger, and she showed her confidence throughout the entire speech. The primary audience of this speech was the general public of American and those who have HIV/AIDS. Also, the

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