Renaissance Dbq Essay

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Yes I believe that the Renaissance was a period distinct from the middle ages. In the Renaissance, there were religious, economic, arts and architectural changes. The Renaissance came after the Middle Ages. A very significant change was that the Renaissance had a much stronger economy. The church was not heavily influenced in the Renaissance. A significant change in the arts and architecture was that in both categories, advancement happened much quicker and things became more efficient and easy to obtain; especially whenever the printing press was invented. Many Universities were founded during and after the Renaissance (document 8). Religion greatly affected the differences between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. In the Middle Ages, the church had the most power and a huge influence (control) on society. During the Renaissance, religion started to affect people less. Things such as the idea of humanism would spread throughout, where the human body was seen as equal to or greater than gods (document 2). Humanism focused on individual achievements which were what the church had opposed of (document 6). Secular writing was used as a sort of guiding. Erasmus thinks that secular society will come. Science was a very large focusing point in the Renaissance which challenged the church doctrine (document 7). Economic changes affected the differences between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. During the Renaissance there were lower prices on things. Access of foods became much more abundant which helped people have the ability to focus on other advancement such as the architecture, the arts, and the sciences. The low prices led to trade. Banking and credit were created. During the “Black Death” there was starvation and low food supply. Tithing made people give 10% of their money to the church. Patrons made money off of art. In the Middle Ages, people did not make
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