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In the film Remember the Titans the director, Boaz Yakin, uses a number of different film techniques to show the racial difference between the people in Alexandria, Virginia. In this response I will be taking about the first few opening scenes and some of the techniques he has used. The first technique I will be talking about is Yakin’s use of camera. In the very first scene, we see of Coach Boone and the rest of the team is a close up onto Boones face. This shows his emotions and it also tells us that he is an important character in the story as he is our first main focus. This tells us a lot. Yakin also uses this technique for Coast Yoast with the same amount of detail. He also uses it for a few other people but not as much as the two coaches. Another type of camera angle that Yakin uses is a long shot. He uses this when the whole team, black and white, are walking towards us. This gives us a sense that the whole team is united. This is a really effective technique to use. This really was a great time to use the long shot. Another thing that Yakin uses well is his use of music. This really helps you imagine the mood and what the people in the film are feeling at this point in time. For example, in the opening scene we are in a graveyard. The music is very slow and the instruments are very acoustic and sad. Then suddenly the scene cut to a riot and as the scene changes the music does to. From the slow and sorrow music it then become very fast pace and pumped up. This take us by surprise but you feel the mood change and you know what is going on. The final technique that I am going talk about is the voice-over. In the opening scenes we hear the voice of Sheryl Yoast. She tells us about the town she lived in and the race issues that they had. This helps us to imagine the background of the story. She also tells us that her town is a huge football town. This gives

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