Emmett Till Central Idea and Purpose

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In all three of the genres, the central message is to spread the story of Emmett Till. In the documentary, the main subject is civil rights, and they also talk about Emmett Till’s life. During the documentaries, they talk about the people who were involved in helping African Americans achieve complete freedom. During the time period that the civil rights movement was taking place, a lot of people were paying attention to Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks. In 1955, Rosa Parks was told to move out of a seat for a white man to sit in, but she refused, and she started getting well known, and also started working with Martin Luther King Jr. Emmett Till was killed because he flirted with a white woman at the woman’s husband’s store. The woman’s husband, Roy Bryant murdered him with his brother in law. The two articles talk about the lynching of Emmett Till, and how it happened. They express the two central messages in the same way. The documentary expresses it in a different way from the articles. When the case was held in the court house, the two brothers were seen as innocent and they released them, leaving Emmett’s mother in tears. In the song “The Death of Emmett Till,” by Bob Dylan, he only sang about his death. He expressed the central message a lot more clearly than and not as vaguely as in the documentary. He sang about how he was a young boy from Chicago and how he went to a store and talked to a lady. The video also showed images of lynchings and the store that Till visited. It also showed pictures of the courtroom where the trial took place, and also pictures of Emmett Till before his murder, after his murder, and his funeral. Overall, the central message was the same, but the way it was expressed was different. If the articles talked about the same thing as the documentary did, then the central message would be vaguely expressed in the article. In the end,

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