Remember The Titans Diversity Analysis

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Andrew Fuemos Mrs. Baum Comparative Essay 27 September 2012 Diversity is the inclusion of different types of people as people of different types of races and culture in a group or organization. Although “Remember the Titans” takes place in the 1970’s, the movie shares the same theme of accepting diversity as “My Mother Pieced Quilts”, “Theme For English B”, and “Where I’m From”. “Remember the Titans” and “ My Mother Pieced Quilts” are similar in the way that all of the pieces of the quilts and all of the football players have each come from different places and have seen different things. The pieces of the quilt and the football players are each diverse from each other, They each have their own special things about them. For example Coach Yoast is a white man from a town that doesn’t welcome blacks and Coach Boone is a black man who came from a black family. However, they both are similar in the way that they both want to win and both love football. In “My Mother Pieced Quilts” the mother uses the faded curtain pieces and the summer denims in the quilt. They are both similar because they are both fabric and going into the same quilt. They are different because they come from different places and are different materials. “Remember the Titans” and “Theme for English B” are similar in the way that they…show more content…
“ Remember The Titans” and “My Mother Pieced Quilts” both show diversity with the different football players and the different pieces of quilt. “ Remember The Titans” and “Theme For English B” both show diversity through the acceptance of different races during a time when most were not accepted. “Remember The Titans” and “Where I’m From” are both diverse because of all the different football players with different backgrounds and all of the memories of the author of “Where I’m
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