Comparing John F. Kennedy And Martin Luther King

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No one should feel unwanted or hated by the country they were born and raised in, just because their skin color or their just different. African Americans were segregated against for years and they couldn’t do anything about it. Luckily we have had many strong leaders in our time that have contributed to abolishing segregation and slavery. Two of these leaders are Martin Luther king jr. and our past president john F. Kennedy. These men were both very different in lifestyles, with one being black and one white, but they both wanted the same thing. Martin Luther king jr. was a black man who went through pain and suffering his whole life watching “his kind” be beaten physically and emotionally all because their skin color. John f. Kennedy however, was a wealthy white man that had no such problems such as Martin Luther king. John F. Kennedy saw what his country was doing to people like Martin, he knew it was wrong and he knew it had to come to an end. They both wanted equality for their nation. Martin Luther king jr. “Letter from Birmingham city jail” uses rhetorical devices such as repetition, imagery, and alliteration to reveal the theme of equality and john f. Kennedy uses these same devices to also reveal equality. One example of how john f. Kennedy uses repetition is when he says “let both…show more content…
An example of this is when martin Luther king says “I don’t believe you would have so warmly commended the police force if you had seen its angry violent dogs literally biting six unarmed un-violent Negros.” Using the words violent and angry you can picture how the dogs look and you can see them attacking the innocent people. It sets a sad tone to the letter and makes you think deeper into the situation. John f. Kennedy describes various ways that we can come together and fix these problems martin Luther king describes, and you can somewhat imagine things you could do to help move forward from segregation and
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