Summary Of The Poem 'Autumn Beings In Martins Ferry, Ohio'

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3 April 2011 Dr. Wohl English Autumn Troubles When most people read the poem “Autumn Beings in Martins Ferry, Ohio” written by James Wright they want to think its about football, but in all reality its about people of all different races seem to escape from their ordinary everyday life just by supporting and watching a good game of high school football. This is a very short poem, but it gets its point across. Many people are quick to think that the poem is all about high school football, but they don’t see that this poem has several hidden metaphors that stand for greater and bigger messages. Through this poem, James Wright talks about a football game he uses; imagery, tone, and metaphors to show the big picture of these people living their life in the small town. First of all in the poem written by Wright, it deals with a lot of imagery that is short, but ends up painting a bigger picture in the poem, Throughout the whole poem Wright seems to paint a picture of the season fall, and the beginning of school, but looking more in depth to the poem images of something like “grey faces of Negroes in the blast furnace at Benwood,” (Wright 3) While reading this line it made me picture of unhealthy and overworked men. He paints the picture of the football game for a fun place for them to getaway from their…show more content…
The tone in this brings more emotion into the poem, and at times can be very theatrical. In the first stanza it has a hint of depression and resentment is the tone the reader will first experience when they read the poem. While later in the poem it gets switched to irony. “All the proud fathers are ashamed to go home.”(Wright 6) This seems that the fathers are just really on edge and their kids just want to please them on the field and make them proud. Throughout this poem a lot of tone flows through it, it helps the reader understand the deep emotion he is putting in the

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