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Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn Born on July 15, 1606; Rembrandt Van Rijn was a Dutch renaissance, baroque artist and etcher, considered one of the greatest painters and printmakers in European history of art. He died in 1969 as one of the most important painters in Dutch history, his contributions to art came in a period that historians call the “Dutch Golden Age”. Rembrandt’s youthful successes and his later bankruptcy are both reflected in all his portraits, in which his earlier self-portraits portray him in a wealthy setting. He also influenced and inspired the style of many other later artists and spent 20 years teaching nearly every important Dutch painter. The majority of Rembrandt’s portraits and illustrations were scenes from the Bible as well as his knowledge of specific text, his assimilation of classical composition, and observations of Amsterdam’s Jewish population. Rembrandt’s early successes affected his artwork, mostly his portraits, where he is in a wealthy setting, with expensive clothes, jewellery and backdrops, he holds himself proudly which shows how rich at the time he was. The sorrow, happiness and personal life of Rembrandt was shown in most of his artwork and changed throughout the events in his days. In the first of the three paintings, Rembrandt was seen at the lively age of 28, when he was quite triumphant. He can be seen in a painting holding a goblet of champagne, toasting himself and the viewer to his fortune and his new wife, Saskia. He seems to be a very happy and relaxed person, confident with himself and easy-going. This fortune is revealed by the fancy clothing both he and his wife wear and the contents of the room they are in, like the bird on the table and the heavy drape curtains. In the second painting, Rembrandt can be seen as a more experienced man, still confident, though this time, he is silently confident

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