Renaissance Thematic Essay

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Duoyi Xi 5/23/14 Thematic Essay 133 The Renaissance The Renaissance is often considered the beginning of the modern era. It has influenced commerce, literature, the arts and sciences in Europe and spread to the rest of the world. Italy had the earliest manifestation of the European Renaissance. England was affected by the Renaissance in terms of literature by one of the most famous authors of his time. Italy had great works of art that were created in that time. With all the great breakthroughs that happened during this time, people had become more aware of how the world worked and it greatly improved the people’s way of life. It started when the medieval ages were coming to an end, art started spreading and people became more open minded. Leonardo da Vinci was one of their most famous artist along with Raphael and Michelangelo. These men were great artist and their art is greatly recognized today. The Mona Lisa for example is still very famous and people still argue who it actually was that da Vinci had painted. There are even fictional characters that were named after these men such as the TMNT which shows that they are still remembered in certain ways. England is also one of the countries that was greatly affected by the Renaissance. It is especially known for one of its greatest authors, William Shakespeare. Although his poems were good, his plays are what he is mostly remembered for; he wrote forty plays including The Two Noble Kinsmen and the two lost plays attributed to him. His plays are so special because they can be adapted into modern day situations and still make sense, thats why there can be modern versions on Macbeth and Romeo and
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