Xenia in the Odyssey

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"The Odyssey" Rough Draft Xenia is the word for hospitality. In "The Odyssey", xenia is an important factor. Xenia shows respect. When Telemakhos meets with Nestor and Menelaos, both of the men show a great amount of hospitality to Telemakhos and his men. There are about 200 suitors living at Telemakhos', Queen Penelope's, and Odysseus' palace. The person receiving the xenia should show just as much respect as the person that is providing the hospitality. Everyone serving in Telemakhos' household is playing their part for providing xenia to the suitors, but the suitors are not respecting anything they receive and they are not respecting anyone. There are many rules to xenia. One rule is that once you have received proficient hospitality, you must leave and be out of their hair. The suitors living with Telemakhos however, have stayed there much longer. They have been there for four years. Akinoos says, "and so for three years she deceived the Akhaians. But when the seasons brought the fourth around, one of her maids," (Homer, The Odyssey, line 114 page 22, 2012.) On the other hand, Nestor and Telemakhos show very great respect for each other when Telemakhos meets Nestor. Telemakhos accepts and appreciates Nestor's xenia for him. When the host of a home shows good hospitality, or xenia, they give the guests the finest of material and foods. One of the examples of this when Telemakhos meets Nestor is that Nestor gives him fine wine. The poem says, "taking their seats on thrones and easy chairs, while the old man mixed water in a wine bowl with sweet red wine, mellowed eleven years before his housekeeper uncapped the jar." (Homer.) The wine was mellowed for eleven years, so you can imagine the great quality of the wine. Nestor then let's Telemakhos drink the wine. Menelaos shows similar xenia as Nestor, but just as great. When
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