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The Faces of Diego Rivera Diego Rivera was a great artist; critics compared him to the great Michelangelo a true Renaissance man. This comparison allows us to see what an accomplished artist he was and how significant his artwork was to the art world as well as the general public. Rivera’s artwork was very well known; his uniqueness separated him from other artist of his era even though he was known to have some links to communism. One of Diego Rivera’s finest work of art was The Flower Vender (Girl with Lilies) painted in 1941. The painting was painted in oil on Masonite. The portrait is 48x48 and it currently hangs in the Norton Simon Museum. The Flower Vender (Girl with Lilies) portrait consist of a young looking indigenous girl knelling…show more content…
If the painting were to be cut in half we would be able to see approximately the same amount of lilies on one side as well as the other. This would also be true for the young native girl, the way her feet are positioned and the extension of her arms allows to see how symmetrical the painting is. The painting also has many organic lines and shapes; the massive flowers have curved lines and are two-dimensional. On the other hand the stems of the lilies have vertical lines, the vertical lines make our eyes look up at the large lilies. On the other hand the scale and proportion of the lilies are not accurate to reality. The lilies are extremely out of proportion we are able to see this by looking at the stature of the young girl next to the lilies. Something that caught my attention was that the most of the tips of the lilies were pentagon, hexagon and quadrilateral in shape. The background of the picture is completely black which helps guide our eyes to the bare footed girl holding the lilies. The color variation is limiting, the artist used green, red, and brown, yellow, black and white. However the painting does have great patter and rhythm, for we are able to see the repetition of the lilies and their stems, the shape of the stems follow the shape of the native girls waits

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