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Get Drunk” by Charles Baudelaire
The definition of drunk is being intoxicated; being mentally and physically impaired. Alcohol is very beneficial to someone’s mood. When you are drunk you are more confident. A person who wants to dance but is too afraid find themselves dancing like nobody is watching after drinking. It relaxes people and lifts moods. This poem expresses what it means to be drunk; it has a blissful mood, and a positive view on life.
The author of this poem “Get Drunk” by Charles Baudelaire advises everyone to just get drunk. He says” always be drunken”. He is saying always be happy and carefree. Do whatever you need to be happy. He says “drunken with wine, poetry, or virtue, as you will”. What makes you happy may be different than everyone else but that does not make it wrong. Nothing can be that bad if it makes you happy. He talks about waking up from the drunkenness on the green side of the ditch the getting drunk. He means if you realize how ugly the world is ignore it and make yourself happy. No matter what follow your pursuit of happiness. Then he states the clock will tell you it is time to get drunken. I believe he is saying it’s never too late to follow your dream. Happiness will keep you young. Time doesn’t age you if you don’t let it.
I believe this poem has a very optimistic attitude. The mood is blissful and carefree. I find him inspirational. Everyone needs to be reminded to smile sometimes. Reading this poem lifts the weight of the world off of the readers shoulders by making him think about what make him happy. Charles is saying is the only thing that matters is happiness. Anyone can be happy it’s your own choice.
This author has a very healthy outlook on life. This poem is very positive. It is telling everyone to remove stress from your life your way even if it takes alcohol to make you happy. Alcohol may be damaging to the body

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