Davinci Essay

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Abraham Recio Bjorklund 19 November 2012 History 110 Individuals in Society: Leonardo da Vinci The notion of a “genius” and a “Renaissance man” both support and contradict one another. According to the reading, a genius is a special kind of human being with exceptional creative powers while a Renaissance man is one who is talented in many areas. These two terms coincide in the sense that in order to be a Renaissance man, one assumes that the person is smart and creative enough to understand and excel in different studies. Leonardo da Vinci was a great example of a genius, many of his creations were ahead of his time and took the world by storm. He created two of the most respected pieces of art in human history, The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, both of which still maintain their credibility as masterpieces to this day. Da Vinci’s notebook also proved him to be a Renaissance man, he had many great ideas in various subjects including art, writing, anatomy and scientific design. Da Vinci’s notes show primitive ideas for inventions that wouldn’t be fully developed until centuries later. This flood of intelligence is what prevented a lot of his ideas from fully developing. Since da Vinci excelled in many subjects, he never had enough time in his life to completely focus on mastering one field in particular. The idea of artistic genius has definitely changed since the Renaissance. Many artistic techniques have advanced as well as the technology we use to study art. In the Renaissance, many resources such as an education in art were not as accessible as they are today. Since the Renaissance more and more art has been created, resulting in more competition to be called “genius”. Each generation brings new ideas along with new mediums of art, each learning from its predecessor and building on that knowledge. With the increase in accessibility to
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