Reluctant Fundamentalist Essay

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PROMPT: “The novel is presented in the form of one man’s monologue. Discuss the effects of the narrative technique.” The ‘Reluctant Fundamentalist’ has a mesmerizing monologue which interprets the point of view of a Muslim and the situations he encounters whilst in America before and after the events of 9/11. The novel takes place in a café where the Pakistani protagonist; Changez confesses to an American his experience whilst living in America. Mohsin Hamid’s (the Author) monologue allows the reader to emotionally connect with the text as it addresses the reader indirectly through the American. Hamid’s narrative technique of silencing all other characters besides Changez is a unique method which allows the reader to feel as if they are a part of the scene. The text suggests that Changez was a young, bright eloquent man. Briefly in the first chapter the reader grasps a third person perspective of the protagonist with the description the interviewer of the Underwood Samson & Company; Jim gives on Changez. Changez describes how Jim thought him to be a foreign young man, hardworking and driven. As a result of the first person perspective the readers view is bias and reliant on trusting the accounts that Changez provides. Initially the text is awkward to read as it depicts one side of a conversation. Changez appears to approach the American with a strong, almost badgered tone. The technique Hamid uses of silencing the American gentleman engages the reader and initiates their thinking. Where there are gaps in the responses of the other characters the reader must imagine what is being said themselves in order for the text to make sense. This approach of writing creates an interesting read where no two reader’s responses may be the same. Depending on the reader’s response the story alters. An illustration of this technique is Hamid’s conclusion of

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