Nrg119 Nursing Practice Foundation Paper

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NRSG119– Nursing Practice Foundations There is material on Blackboard outlining how to write essays - you should review it. Academic essays are about the course material – readings and lectures – use this material in your answers. DON’T use clichés, platitudes or “common sense” your personal opinion, beliefs or “feelings” are not relevant. When your essay asks, “what do you think?” or “what is your opinion?”, it is not an invitation for you to dump your thoughts on the page, expound your beliefs or feelings or say what comes into your head – it is an invitation or more correctly an instruction for you to identify the relevant literature, find opinions that agree with you and use them to illustrate and convey your position. Essays require…show more content…
A common problem is not answering the question – you need to spend some time understanding each word in the question and make sure what you write is answering the question and just something you would like to say. Focus of Assignment and Structure Introductions These require a lot of care – the function of an introduction is to tell the reader what you are going to do – a very short summary of your answer, points you consider important, maybe some definitions – but it must give the reader some idea of where you are going. It provides criteria that the reader uses to judge whether you have achieved your goal – that is answer the question. Some writers launch straight into answering the question – leaving readers wondering where this roller coaster was going. To fix this 1. read other peoples introductions (and Abstracts), 2. identify what the argument is going to follow then read and see if you are correct. 3. watch for the use of key words and concepts, note how concepts are defined and usually the definitions are drawn from the literature ands references

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