How Does Susan Hill Present The Woman In Black

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How does Susan Hill present the Woman in Black as a character of mystery and fear? Having close marked a selection of your essays, please note the following general comments: • Essays, however short, must have a convincing introduction which addresses the question and a conclusion to summarise the points made. • A lack of planning leads to repetition and rambling. • There is a need to vary vocabulary to avoid overuse of phrases such as: ‘creates and image in the reader’s mind’, ‘another way Hill creates mystery and fear is…’ Consider using a wide range of connectives/discourse markers. • Quotes need to be embedded into sentences rather than used at the beginning or at the end or sentences. • Capital letters must be used for…show more content…
Development or ‘the middle bit of your essay’ The success of this depends on how well you have planned. You should have jotted down notes of each point. Now you need to put them together to flow smoothly. Use discourse markers: e.g. First, furthermore, however, another example, moreover, lastly. 5. Using quotations and referring to the text You MUST use quotations and references to the text in an exam answer. (This forms the Evidence part of the PEE process). You can use quotes in 2 different ways: 1. Separate quote: make your point and then back it up with a quotation. Quotations that are longer than 3 words should begin on a new line: e.g. Hill describes the way filthy fog permeates every aspect of life. This is a really disgusting simile: (the fog)’…seething through cracks and crannies like sour breath,’ 2. Imbedded quotation: this is where the quote runs on from your own words: The older Kipps looks back at his own ‘priggish’ behaviour as a young man… Alternatively, you can simply refer to the text (this is especially good if you can’t remember the exact quotation). Kipps refers to the way Londoners look down on people from the
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