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What is reading rhetorically? When you read rhetorically “you engage in this kind of reading, you look for the rhetorical strategies of the writer -- the patterns, structures, figures, & methods that a writer uses in order to make her/his point. This kind of reading can, in turn, help you to strategize your own approach to creating effective texts for particular audiences and purposes” (Malea Powell 1) Thorough out this semester we have reviewed several rhetorical readings. Although in the beginning, I never quite understood what the author was truly trying to say, but now I do. Understanding this form of reading can be very helpful in my future education. As a student now majoring in Physician Assistant, there will be numerous moral…show more content…
As we grew up in middle school and high school, we were often taught to write summaries of our reading. Writing a summary is simply taking the authors original text and condensing it. Both the original text and the summary share the same meaning and thoughts, simply in to different forms. Writing analyses can be interpreted in a different ways. When a writer writes analytically, they go into more depth of the original text. They tell us the reaction of the writer, and even begin to explain the writer’s thoughts. It’s simply a way of exploring what certain piece of writing means. This form of writing was introduced to simply get the reader to look at the material from a different perspective; to get the writer to thinking a little more in depth. When a writer reads text, they begin to make claims of their readings. You take the original text, analyses it, and come up with your own conclusion on what the original artist opinion is. Before you can conclude, you must give the readers some supporting facts. Providing facts will help draw the readers mind to the same mind set as yours. It helps support your reasoning. Not providing enough facts can cause a reader to have a negative look your work as it makes the reader feel as if you are trying to push your beliefs on

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