The Strange Fruit In A Birmingham Jail

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The Strange Fruit in a Birmingham Jail Despite all of the texts read in this course, I chose to compare the differences between two texts that invoke similar ideas into the minds of the readers. By comparing the differences between the two texts, the reference to the separate ways they go about describing the importance of being an American or representing an American identity is made. The two texts chosen for analysis to represent this idea of Americanism are Letter From Birmingham Jail by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from his incarceration in 1963 and Strange Fruit by Abel Meeropol that was written in the 1930s. First, I will analyze each text and then apply the themes involved to the representation of Americanism. Next, a comparison…show more content…
Martin Luther King exposes a dignified and immaculate way of sharing and transferring his views onto others. His analysis of history, his tactics of relating others that seemingly don’t think the same way, and referring back to what is defined or what is meant when an individual is categorized as an American. His text was written with an understandable sense of persuasion. By understandable, the text incorporated valid arguments that needed to be brought into the minds of the clergymen he was writing to. The mood that the reader feels is an empathetic, yet understanding of what he feels needs to be accomplished. Especially how he made unique, yet valid, references to religion to strengthen his ideas was beneficial to the idea of equal treatment that he is, in general, trying to convey. Aside from Dr. King’s explanation of civil rights and why it should be distributed among everyone, comes a different type of text from Abel Meeropol. She wrote the poem, Strange Fruit in the 1930s and it is one of the most interesting displays of metaphorical language to discuss a serious issue in society. The three stanza poem uses vocabulary that one would normally associate with nature to inform the readers and listeners of the poem about the harshness and reality of lynching in the southern states of America during the…show more content…
The second line refers to the horrible aftermath of lynching by mentioning blood on leaves and at the base of the tree. The third line also makes reference to the visual of after a lynching has occurred. By visual, I mean the bodies of African American individuals swinging lifelessly in the breeze; more specifically, the southern breeze. At the end of this stanza a reference to the peacefulness of a tree and the fruit hanging from it is made. Ironically, the fruit that is being referred to is actually referring the corpses of lynched blacks hanging from trees in the racially divided

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