Reflective Practice Essay

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This reflective account will focus on an area of my practice that has developed through reflection in and on practice. My progress has enhanced with the support of experiences, exploration, training and research together with attending university. The National Health Service (NHS) has employed me for the past fourteen years, for eight years I have worked alongside Community Nurses (CN) as a Health Care Assistant (HCA) within the Community Nursing Team (CNT). My role is to provide nursing care needs in the district, clinic and care home environments and reporting to the District Nurse (DN) regarding any matters of concern. This also involves communicating and cooperating with Service Users (SU) and members of the health care team to ensure continuity of care is delivered in a safe and effective manner, including recording clinical activity accurately and legibly, whilst ensuring confidentiality at all times (NMC 2008). On completion of the foundation degree, I will establish myself as an Assistant Practitioner (AP). The AP role will enable the registered nurse to have more time to attend to complex issues, this facilitates that the SU is at the centre of care. (Skills for Health 2009).

The name of SU and areas of work will remain anonymous to maintain patient confidentiality, in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s regulations (NMC 2008).

Reflective practice is a process of which we can gain knowledge and learn from our experiences. It is an essential part of development for assisting students to identify the links between theory and practice and understand how learning can transpire from experience; this increases the ability to improve knowledge and skills (Jasper 2003). Rolfe et al. (2001) explore how and why we learn by practice if we reflect on our overall experience and what the outcome uncovered, be it good or bad. They argue
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