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Curriculum Objectives NUR 588 June 30, 2013 Curriculum Objectives In this paper, a group of team members are developing a curriculum objectives paper with the role of being hired as an educational leader at an organization. The organization selected is an educational institution that teaches certified nurse’s assistants (CNA). Part of the mission is to provide educational opportunities for various members of the organization and the community. Scenerio Team A decided to teach a class of 18 Certified Nurses Assistance (CNA) students from a local college night class. These students’ have completed two classroom sessions that were six hours each. Our class of 18 is made up of four male students and 14 female. The demographic data…show more content…
Hand washing and infection prevention is one of the most under stressed areas of healthcare. It is the job of Team A to guide and direct the learning and behavioral changes needed to be successful as a healthcare worker. As nurse educators we realize the basic understanding of critical thinking lies within the Socratic Method, this is the strategy we will use to present the information on infection prevention. According to DeYoung (2009) “In this method, all thoughts are treated as if they are in need of further development and refinement, regardless of how reflective they may be” (p. 226). Our purpose is for the students to have clarity about our topic and as instructors we will hold them accountable for the information presented. Lesson Plan Lesson Plan (Saunders, 2003) for Infection Prevention Objectives and Goal 1. According to "NC DHSR: State-Approved Nurse Aide I Curriculum" (2013), “Relate the chain of infection control to the duties performed by the nurse aide” (Modules Module B). 2. According to "NC DHSR: State-Approved Nurse Aide I Curriculum" (2013), “Apply the concept of breaking the chain of infection by the nurse aide” (Modules Module B ). Outline of Content 1. Rationale for understanding the process of the chain of infection and the relationship to the nurse aide’s…show more content…
First of all, we will prepare a power point presentation with an overview about the importance of hand hygiene and how to prevent infections, main concepts and statistics about the correlation between hand hygiene and infection control. Different steps for a proper hand washing, and the rationales about the importance of the topic. We will prepare supplies for a classroom demonstration where we are going to demonstrate the proper technique. The supplies includes Alcohol-based waterless antiseptic containing emollients, easy-to-reach sink with warm running water, antimicrobial or regular soap, and paper towels or air

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