Facilitating Learning and Assessment in Practice

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I am qualified state nurse (SRN), currently working in a private hospital in Seremban since 3 years till date. I work in a general medical surgical ward, also we have nurses that works in surgery and paediatric wards. During my experience, I have acquired type of knowledge and skills that I believe sharing with learner will improve people knowledge and give more insight to detail of objective in the learning process that has been given. During these learning process between mentor and learner . I decided to choose one of my junior staff nurse as my learner. Hana (not real name), she is qualified State registered nurse (SRN) from Private Nursing College. She has been working in our hospital for six month and her appointment has been confirmed as staff nurse in organization. Hana look familiar with the ward facilities and common procedure in ward such as receive new admission, transfer out patient, writing nursing report and assist doctor whenever needed. Hana show interest in learning and willing to be my learner for the purpose of these assignment. Practice based learning provide opportunity to link theory and practice to promotes professional identify development (Fishel and Johnson,1981). I have full responsibility to make sure my learner success in the learning process. Through this learning process, I have choose medication administration and Hana agreed to cooperate in this learning assessment. I seek her permission and consent to teach her about medication administration procedure. The consent attached in (appendix 1). Identifying Learning Needs ,Planning and Managing Student Experience. In the learning process the important things to do identifying my leaner needs. Vision for learning and teaching enhance the quality of student in learning experience by providing a support and well-resourced learning environment.

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