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Joe Hartline Professor Reavey College Composition I – MW 1:45-3:00 December 12, 2011 Core Value I: Understand that writing is a multi-stage, recursive and social process. Throughout the semester, I grouped up with people of my class and analyzed another student's essay. This was useful as I my essays got evaluated as well, giving me ideas on how to improve my essay. A student wrote that they wanted to hear more of my voice and to elaborate on my opinions. So the first revision I made on my first essay was incorporating my own opinions. I was too focused on the facts and details of the HPV vaccine that I did not have much of a voice. I had sources incorporated in the essay, but I did not explain them. This lead my essay to be more of a report than a persuasive essay. I have now added more of my own ideas to the essay, making it more persuasive. I believe the essay flows more smoothly now that I have connected the dots. Core Value II: Understand that writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context. Having an audience was an essential factor in each of our essays. It is important that we state who our audience is within the introduction. As we continue our essay, we have to keep our audience in mind, such as their possible thoughts and opinions. In my third essay, I at first did not have a clear audience. After my revision, I chose environmentalists to be my audience. "Environmentalists deal with this epidemic everyday, and it is up to them to educate the public to get the message across on a wider scale." My decision to target this audience was fairly simple because environmentalists can be easily related to pollution and waste. My decision for any audience is a group of people that either im trying to persuade, or a group of people that share similar views. Core Value III: Understand how texts represent meaning and how the processes of

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