Critical Thinking And Decision Making

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The purpose of this paper will be to inform the reader of how to use critical thinking skills to make better quality decisions. This paper will also define critical thinking and decision making. It will discuss how both critical thinking and decision making relates to each other. Being able to know how to use critical thinking is important. Critical thinking allows you to open up your mind and think clearly and rationally. It also allows you to understand the connection between ideas, and solve problems more systematically. When critical thinking is used our intelligence goes through a thought process of heavy concentration. This allows the person to make broad connections whenever they critically analyze something. Critical thinking also allows you to connect ideas and evidence to see the bigger picture. Knowing how to successfully use critical thinking in decision making will allow you to make better conclusions and solutions to solve problems successfully. Critical thinking and decision making are tools that everyone utilizes for everyday activity. Decision making can range from impulsive, routine and reasoned. Critical thinking plays a crucial part in decision making. The term critical thinking is applied to various contexts and has different meanings to different groups (Philley 2005). Using critical thinking for problem solving allows you to identify and evaluate solutions. An important role of decision making is knowing how your answer will affect you not just now but in the future. Decision making are the steps we take to make a conclusion. it is also the process we use to evaluate solutions to a problem. Critical thinking is defined as the thought process used to evaluate information and the practice of using such conclusions to guide behavior. According to Robert H. Ennis, Author of the Cornell Critical Thinking Tests. "Critical thinking is reasonable,
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