Redheads Are More Prone to Sunburn

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Redheads are more prone to sunburn due to their Genetics, DNA make-up, and Culture. Alexis Plaza Saarah Samad Period 5 Table of Contents 1. Title Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Outline 4. Research 5. Research 6. Research 7. Research 8. References Outline Thesis- Read heads are more prone to sunburn. 1) Introduction 2) Genetics a) MC1R gene b) Red hair odds in future c) 1-2% of human population d) European ancestry 3) Pigment in their Skin a) Brunettes-ultraviolet light b) Oxidation c) Cells in red haired people d) Skin pigment that darkens with sun exposure 4) Medical Implications a) Melanin in skin b) UV-induced DNA-damage c) Freckling d) Melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell 5) Culture and Beliefs a) Fiery tempers and sharp tongues b) Sanguine tempermant c) Pitta tempermant d) Highly sexed 6) Conclusion Red heads are more susceptible to sunburn, along with their temper setting off high blood pressure. Genetics is the biggest role in the make-up of redheads. The pigment of their skin tends to not darken with sun exposure. The medical implications create problems such as UV-induced DNA damage. It's been said that the culture and beliefs of red heads have fiery tempers and are highly sexed. All of these statements lead up to the fact that red heads are more prone to sunburn. People who have inherited natural red hair are more prone to thermal pain. Because of this researches and scientists have tried to find why red heads are more prone to sunburn by analyzing the genetics of these individuals. Since the mutation in the MC1R gene determines hair color, it may also affect red heads pain sensitivity. A red hair gene must be carried by both people in order to pass it down to the next generation. Even if neither of the

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