Skeleton and Muscle Access to Nursing Course

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Corinna Davie | Biology | , 2013 Evaluate the effects of smoking assignment three of three Introduction In this assignment i am going to analyze the effects smoking has on the human body. I am also going to compare one cancer or disease created by smoking with a positive asset that smoking can provide. When i have done this i will conclude my evaluation with the question "Do the positives outweigh the negatives?" Negative affects smoking has on the human body Figure 1 shows the areas that smoking can cause harm How Smoking Affects The Human Body Negatively Hair | * Toxic chemicals in smoke can damage DNA in the hair follicles. * Smoking can generate cell-damaging free radicals (oxidation stress on hair). * Smokers tend to have thinner hair that also tends to lose colour pigmentation or grey hair earlier than non smokers. * Men who smoke are twice at risk of losing hair than non-smokers. | Eyes | * Smoking can cause cataracts more likely by the age of 80, by putting oxidative stress (inflammation of conjunctiva, comea and uvea) on lens of eye. * Smokers have 22% risk of cataract extraction, causing blind spot directly in line of sight. * Smoking can cause damage to Macula this is the retina of eye, the macula is used when looking directly at a item or person as well as reading. * Smoking constricts blood vessels killing the Macula. This happens when blood vessels weaken or new abnormal blood vessels grow and cause bleeding. * Once blind it cannot be reversed. | Mouth, Throat and Nose | * Smoking causes black staining on teeth that may not go away for a long period of time. * Smoking causes Leukoplaka, this is a lesion in the mouth that can lead to cancer * smoking increases tooth decay, tooth loss and bad breath (Halitosis). * Smoking can also impair taste and sense of smell. * Smoking can cause Melanosis, this

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